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Fred C. DeMetz, Sr., Ph.D., President
Our Mission Statement:
We provide system design, performance modeling, and prototype fabrication and testing for seismic and military acoustic arrays.  Our team of senior engineers and scientists provide a quick response capability to industry and government with our wide experience in ocean and seismic acoustic system development to quickly provide support to clients in the early product R&D and technical proposal submittal stages. Our team members network their individual expertise to support customer needs at very low overhead costs.  We are particularly effective in working with the customer's full time staff to bring their own engineering staff rapidly up to speed in areas with which they may not be initially familiar, and in supporting them in technical meetings and preparation of technical proposals for their own customer.

Our services include:
    • Mechanical 3-D part design and assembly drawings 
    • Optical and electrical acoustic sensor design, prototype fabrication, and performance testing 
    • Seismic and Military array design and performance prediction and testing thru final reports and proposals 
    • Sensor system self noise prediction and verification
    • Ocean engineering and system deployment and retrieval
    • Development of materials for optimum acoustic performance and long life in harsh environments
    • Software development for near real-time data analysis of system acoustic output
    • High quality computer animation of system features and dynamics for presentations and proposals
    • Short courses in underwater and seismic system design and performance
    • Sound propagation and array self noise prediction modeling 

Past Experience/Projects:
  • Liquid-filled electrical Streamer Array development for oil service company
  • Liquid-filled Tactical Towed Array development for US Navy
  • Solid-filled All Fiber Optic Streamer Array development for seismic sensor system company
  • Taught 13 Week Short Course in Underwater Acoustics for major defense contractor
  • Fiber Optic Submarine Hull Array development and test for major defense contractor
  • Downhole Acoustic Sensor development and leak noise detection software development for oil service company
  • Surface Ship Torpedo Defense System development for US Navy
  • Thin Line Towed Array development for defense contractor
  • Perimeter Defense Array development and performance analysis for seismic fiber optic sensor company
  • Optimum Towed Array Hose Material development for major defense contractor
  • Adjunct Professor for California State University Northridge in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Math
  • Turbulent Pressure Field analysis for fully developed and transition submarine hull boundary layers for US Navy
  • Submarine Flow Tone Source Location and Quieting for US Navy
  • Patents in thin line towed array construction for major defense contractor
  • Thermodynamic Modeling for ocean bottom seismic array power supply pressure housing for oil service company
  • High Temperature Dewar Flask development for downhole electrical housings for oil service company
  • Towed Array Submarine Deployment System development for major defense contractor 

We are proud members of the following organizations:  Acoustical Society of America, Society of Exploration Geophysics